Why do physical therapy?

For a few reasons. One, physical therapy provides a natural pain relief without drugs and the side effects of invasive, and sometimes expensive, surgery. (Did you know patients who see a physical therapist are 89% less likely to need an opioid prescription?) Two, it’s highly recommended by the CDC for chronic pain. Three, rehabilitation programs, like physical therapy, can help reduce health care costs and improve outcomes at the same time.

But, why do physical therapy at Novi DPT?

Because our physical therapists, Dr. Burns and Dr. Sina, will craft a highly individualized, personalized care and rehabilitation program for a better, healthier you. Plus, not to be biased, but we think they’re pretty awesome, and so will you.

Senior Hispanic worker suffering  back injury inside building

Read what our patients have to say about us!

“Great service, great atmosphere! The staff care about you! Feeling better, thanks!”

“Awesome physical therapist that goes beyond just following a referral. He will evaluate your needs and create a treatment plan especially for you.”

Over the past 3 years I have required PT services. I’m so glad I found Dr. Burns at NoviDPT. He and Dr. Sina are truly knowledgeable, skilled, caring , super smart, and will keep you engaged, entertained and laughing throughout your sessions! Most importantly, you will soon enjoy the benefits of their work.”