Our Mission

Novi DPT strives to improve the health of our community by providing exemplary patient care and to elevate the field of physical therapy by providing mentorship, education, and clinical instruction. Some believe that physical therapy is only for athletes, but at Novi DPT we think that life itself is a contact sport. Let us help you be ready for whatever aches and pains come from your sport, whether it be cooking, gardening, teaching, or even something considered more traditional, like football.

We want to know, what’s your sport?

Why do physical therapy?

For a few reasons. One, physical therapy provides a natural pain relief without drugs and the side effects of invasive, and sometimes expensive, surgery. (Did you know patients who see a physical therapist are 89% less likely to need an opioid prescription?) Two, it’s highly recommended by the CDC for chronic pain. Three, rehabilitation programs, like physical therapy, can help reduce health care costs and improve outcomes at the same time.

But, why do physical therapy at DPT?

Our four physical therapists — Dr. Burns, Dr. Sina, Dr. Zylik, and Dr. Schramm — will craft a highly individualized, personalized care and rehabilitation program for a better, healthier you. Plus, not to be biased, but we think they’re pretty awesome, and so will you.